Learning Analytics Summer Institute

On the 4th and 5th of July the ICTO-FNWI hosts the Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI-Amsterdam) in collaboration with SURFacademy and the SURF SIG Learning Analytics. Feel welcome to join this event! During the two-days meeting four different themes that are important in the application of Learning Analytics on educational practice will be discussed: (1) Tracking the learning process, (2) Instructional Design, (3) Analytics, Metrics and Research, and (5) Moving the Community Forward.

The Learning Analytics is a rapidly upcoming field with a high potential for teaching and learning. Different forms of expertise and different perspectives on Learning Analytics still need to fully interact with each other in order to assure that the knowledge and desires of different stakeholders is spread throughout the community. LASI-Amsterdam tries to accelerate this process by bringing these together in a two-day meeting, a so called Summer Institute. The event is part of a global initiative and is connected to the Learning Analytics Summer Institute at Stanford University and to eight other locations in the world with a LASI-local event.


During the two-day event LASI-Amsterdam you will discuss on four different themes

  • Tracking the learning process,
  • Instructional Design,
  • Analytics, Metrics and Research
  • Moving the community forward.

Why to participate?

By participating you can exchange your ideas about the role and perspective of Learning Analytics for education with different stakeholders and extend your own expertise in this field. There will also be ample opportunity to network and to meet potential partners to collaborate on projects with. By participating you can also directly contribute to the vision of the SURF SIG Learning Analytics and to the growth of the wider Learning Analytics community.

Who should participate?

Students, lecturers, researchers, suppliers, support staff, education managers and policy makers with an interest in Learning Analytics or related fields. You may want to first get some more knowledge on Learning Analytics. If so, please visit the seminar “Kennismaking Learning Analytics” (in Dutch) on the 27th of June as an  introduction to the LASI-Amsterdam Summer Institute .

Where to register?

Free registration can be found on http://lasiamsterdam.wordpress.com/register/

More information about LASI-Amsterdam



Blog contribution: Sander Latour

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