Grassroots call January 2017

A call for the Grassroots projects is open! The deadline for application is on January 27 2017, 13.00. Join the group of lecturers and students who have this way enriched many courses using ICT and contributed to the improvement of education at the UvA in general!

Why Grassroots projects?

Grassroots are small-scale, accessible ICT projects, from which the results immediately can be implemented in education. Grassroots are a great example of introducing and testing new methods using technology in education.
Individual teachers and students can submit a proposal for Grassroots projects. For each Grassroot project the subvention is €1000.
Besides individual Grassroots projects, departments can request financial aid for a program of 5-10 combined Grassroots.

Get inspired by the previous projects and apply for your own Grassroots project!
See UvA Grassroots blog. There you can find the blog about the FNWI two Grassroots programs (project leader Marcel Vreeswijk), “The power of chalkless” and “Van het Krijt naar het Tablet-tijdperk”.
You can watch the 1 minute video (link to VIDEO) about the Grassroots of Timo Halbesma, the Faculty of Science student, who developed the CARD application using a student Grassroots.
You can follow developments of FNWI Grassroots on Starfish.

How to apply for Grassroots projects?

To apply for the Grassroots project you need to fill in the application form (you van write it in Dutch or in English) and submit your proposal before January 27 (1.00 p.m.) to

You are most welcome to contact ICTO-FNWI for any questions and for the feedback on your Grassroots project proposal and later on when your proposal is granted. In the case of more lecturers with a similar idea’s ICTO-FNWI will organize collaboration between the projects or a joint grassroots program and give additional support.
Contact: Natasa Brouwer, coordinator ICTO-FNWI (


  • 27-01-2017 Deadline for submitting application formats (13:00)
  • 10-02-2017 Assessment of applications by a selection committee
  • 10-02-2017 Participants will be notified, start date of the Grassroots
  • 16-02-2017    Start meeting of the Grassroots (15:00 – 17:00)

More information can be found on the Grassroots website: